Booking your travel online with SmartFares allows you to save money while enjoying your vacation.

SmartFares draws its information from multiple sources to offer their customers the lowest prices and the most options.

A U.S. based customer service center

Posted by Admin | July 2nd, 2013

A U.S. based customer service center means you’ll speak with someone who understands what you’re looking for when you travel.

SmartFares allows you to choose the best travel options for your needs.

Travel with ease while saving money using this travel site.

When planning a vacation or a business trip, booking all of your travel needs through a single source can be a real time saver. That’s why many people will use their travel agent to book all of their accommodation such as their flight, rental car and hotel room. With SmartFares, however, you can take your travel to the next level by saving money. Booking all of your services in a single place is easy and, unlike a travel agent, allows you to save money as well.

SmartFares works with a number of different travel sources to bring their customers the lowest possible price for their travel. This evident when comparing prices through direct sources, such as a hotel or rental car website or even other travel websites.

One way that this travel site stands apart from other travel sites is by the way it gathers information. Rather than using a single source from which to draw travel data, this company uses multiple sources. This allows for more travel options and possibly even destinations that a traveler may not have considered before.

A U.S. based customer service center is also evidence that this company cares about its customers. With experienced staff and numerous resources, customers of SmartFares can get the experience provided by a personalized travel agent while benefiting from the low prices and variety of options that are linked more with online shopping.

If you want to reduce your stress while traveling, then saving money is one way to make this happen. Add to that great customer service and a lot of options and you’re ready to go.

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